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About Firebird Tours

The Firebird Difference

We organize amazing private and small group tours of premium quality and best-in-class value for your money. Our private tours contain everything needed for a great journey - best centrally located hotels, best professional local guides, high-speed transportation between destinations, private arrival and departure transfers. And since they are customized, you can travel when you want, where you want and do exactly what you want. At your own pace. Because ultimately it is your journey and we are here to help you to make the most of it.

This was my first international trip, and it will set the bar high for any other tour that might capture my attention in the future, international or domestic! We were treated very well wherever we went! Thank you Firebird Tours...Continue reading

World's Best Private and Small Group Tours to Europe

We are the pioneers in designing small group tours, and fully customizable programs to the entire continent of Europe. As the leaders in travels to Europe, we strive to create not just any vacation, but the most extraordinary journeys with a complete personalized experience for our clients. When you book with us, you book your trip with one of the most trusted tour companies and you can be certain of the quality, safety, and service.

Unforgettable travel experiences and peace of mind of our clients is the focal point of all of our programs. With us, you get remarkable value for your money and full control of your trip. And when we say "full control", we mean it. We will note every detail of your travel style, experiences, expectations, and utilize this knowledge to surprise you with a trip-of-a-lifetime.

Outstanding Quality
#1 Don’t settle for less. Travel Better!

It is our principle to organize objectively better travel experiences for our clients. This is why we use only the best central hotels, only local professional licensed guides. This is why we give you enough time to explore each destination in-depth but at your own pace.

Including what's best for the customer in our programs is our constitution. While choosing the hotels, we only consider the very best centrally located hotels in each price category. We select the very best guides and drivers, we pre-arrange entrance tickets so you don’t waste time in lines, we purchase line-free admission, whenever possible. Afterall, who would enjoy spending hours in lines.

We give you enough free time on the tour so you can explore each destination on your own, or you can enhance it with our optional activities, like cooking classes, shows, tasting trips. Finally, we do not use buses to move you around because our clients have so many better ways to spend their time.

Freedom of Choice
#2 You dream about places, we help you see them

70% of tours booked with us are private and ⅔ of them are customized. Customization matters. People dream about different things and have different interests. With us, you decide where you want to go and things you want to do. We only advise and we make it happen.

We refuse the once-size-fits-all approach in the travel industry when same tours are sold to everyone. As a customer, you are asked to take it or leave it. This is characteristic of nearly all group and bus tours. It is also characteristic of many private tours because companies that offer them, they don’t operate those tours, but resell someone else’s, so they don't really customize anything.

This is not how we operate. Our customers have complete freedom of choice - anything can be changed, replaced, modified, extended, enhanced, and upgraded. With us, you can travel to any destinations in Europe and the surrounding.

You are flying across the ocean after all, so why settle on one place or some generic package?

In fact, we make customization not only possible but exceptionally convenient. Each customer is assigned a dedicated destination specialist with a deep knowledge of the target destination. They help our customers to devise a perfect program that reflects real their interests. Most other companies just resell one-size-fits-all packages with very little to none customization options. We help our customers build their dream journeys without any limitations or constraints and we have trained our team to be our customers’ best advisors.

Full Customization
#3 Book from tour operator. Travel Better and save your money

We are a direct tour operator - we organize our tours ourselves, we don’t resell tours of other companies. For you, this means the outstanding quality of service, remarkable support during the trip, and exceptional overall value.

Our tours are organized by our Swiss company Arsia AG (with few exceptions which will be stated in tour description). Arsia imposes strict quality standards to all operations and ensures your protection at every step of the journey. Everything about your trip is double and sometimes triple checked. And if anything goes not according to a plan, there is a dedicated team to make on-the-fly adjustments and rescheduling. For example, if your flight is late, we will rework the entire program so you do not miss anything (we will make everything possible and everything what is in our control).

There is another significant advantage of booking trip with an actual tour operator. We can also offer our customers a remarkable price as there are no excess links in the supply chain. This explains why our premium tours are comparable in quality with more expensive luxury tours, but they cost up to 2 times less. We never wanted to become some luxury travel company, this is why our prices are so reasonably priced.

And, by the way, we offer our customers many ways to get a great travel experience for less money - like our small group tours and our Friend’s trips.

Peace of Mind
#4 Travel with peace of mind for we care about your journey

Ever since we started organizing tours in 2007, we approach each trip of our customers as it was our own. Over the years, we improved our destination knowledge and built our operations to ensure that you get the best advice and best support before and during your trip.

Unlike many other tour companies or online travel agencies, we actually specialize in destinations which we service. We know the terrain. We know the right suppliers. We know the right time of year, month, week, and day to organize a better trip. We developed in-depth destination knowledge so we can offer our customers a superior service. You will get a sense of our knowledge from the moment when you start talking to one of our destination specialists. Many of them have traveled to our destinations, and we have regular certification processes to ensure that they are the best travel advisors in the industry. You will feel it from the quality of advice, from attentiveness to your questions and from the speed with which we respond to your inquiries.

It is hard to find real specialists in travel these days when everyone is trying to replace a specialist with a machine which will supposedly know what you want and be able to give you a meaningful advice. Or, when real advice is replaced with the opinion of the crowd (like tripadvisor or hotel booking website reviews). But we don’t cut this corner. We are here for you with real professional travel advisors who will help you design a journey of your lifetime.

Founder's Story

Founder's story

Founder and CEO of Firebird Tours travel company

I grew up in a remote town of the Russian Far East (Magdagachi, map). My parents owned a small hotel in the middle of nowhere - there was nothing else 500 km either way. So everyone who wanted to travel around the world had to stop at my parents' hotel for the night. I was the only person in the town who spoke some English, so I met each traveler, helped them to check in, to make arrangements for next day and I translated while they enjoyed a home dinner at my parents house. I met many wonderful people from US, Canada, Australia and UK and this is when my career in travel really started...Continue reading.

Company History Timeline

Company history timeline

First office opens in New York City
New office opens in Arlington, Virginia
Company opens branch in Saint Petersburg, Russia
World Travel Awards Winner - Russia's Best Travel Agency
Company opens branch in Minsk, Belarus
New service office opens in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
First European office opened in Vilnius, Lithuania
Launch of new destinations in Europe and Asia
Australian branch opens
Covering the entire continent of Europe
Tour operator opened in Switzerland and online Europe Trip Planner launched
Company has served more than 445,000 customers with 30,000 of them booking trips longer than 10 days