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Welcome to the Firebird blog! Here we're happy to share our travel expertise with you as well as our latest and most interesting findings about Europe. Find answers to travel-related questions, learn more about the different destinations, cultures, and gastronomy, as well as catch up with the latest updates from Firebird Tours in the "News" section.


Ireland Travel Guide: Do's & Don'ts
In our previous post, we've shown you what a marvelous destination Ireland can be, but planning a vacation is never easy. There are way too many questions to keep in mind. Of course, it's always better to let an experienced travel agent who knows about all possible pitfalls to take care of your trip. But as we all know, forewarned is forearmed, so in this post, we gathered some useful information that might help you to set off on your Ireland getaway.
Ultimate Places to Visit in Switzerland in Summer
There’s no traveler in the world who would cast a doubt that a trip to Switzerland is a nice idea during any time of the year. The country, indeed, radiates a unique flair, experiencing the influence of the neighbors and turning it into a fascinating bouquet of distinctive traditions and local trends.
Unparalleled Croatia Vacation Spots
Often being unfairly overshadowed by the gems of the Mediterranean, charming Croatia is a true catch for fans of peaceful holidays. In fact, this little paradise corner of the Balkan Peninsula is one of the most ecologically clean locations to choose for your European getaway. We bet we've already warmed up your interest so now it's high time to immerse in the best Croatia must-sees, right?
Ireland Must-Sees for First-Timers
An enchanting island in terms of nature, dream country for any royal architecture lover, and a must-visit place for a "Game of Thrones" enthusiast - Ireland has a lot to offer. In this article, we'd like to introduce you to the reasons why you might want to consider Ireland as your next holiday destination.
Peculiar Christmas Traditions in Europe
Christmas is less than a week away! Are you excited? We bet that wherever you are from, you have interesting holiday traditions, and today we would like to share the most peculiar ones from different countries in Europe. Some of them made us laugh, others made us think about our own traditions and find similarities, but overall we had a lovely time writing this piece, and we hope you will equally enjoy reading it!
Simple Guide to French Wines & Dishes
An outstanding combination of ingredients, aromatic spices, and herbs, fine wines, and cheeses… It is for sure that unique gourmet cuisine is one of the calling cards of France along with the iconic Eiffel Tower, gorgeous Versailles and sun-kissed French Riviera.
German Food: Must-Taste Dishes & Drinks
Delicious German cuisine is just as rich as the country's heritage. In this piece, we'd like to take a closer look at the delicious things to eat and drink during your Germany travel.
European Festivals & Carnivals you Didn't Know About
The annual world-famous Oktoberfest, held in Germany’s Bavaria region, is right around the corner, yet this is by far not the only festive event in Europe which deserves looking forward to. In this article we have put together the top carnivals and festivals worth putting on your travel agenda while going on Europe tours.
Best of Europe in 30 Videos
Traveling is often like a good movie, you never fully know how everything will turn out until you travel there. What we can do is give you a trailer (like every good movie has) and make you fall in love with a destination. Because once you are in awe of the city, country, or a continent that you are exploring, everything else falls into its place.
Smallest Countries in Europe
Some microstates in Europe really surprise with their sightseeing opportunities, rich history, and cultural wealth despite their small size. Actually, some of them are as little in terms of area as 0,44 sq. km (0.17 sq. mi.)! In this piece, we'd like to introduce you to the petite countries in Europe worth adding to your getaway as sometimes it's the cherry on top that adorns the entire cake, right?
Compare Firebird Tours, Gate 1 Travel, Go Ahead & Trafalgar Tours to Italy
Creating a product of great value for our clients is always our aim when we craft our tours to Europe. For this reason, we decided to compare our popular small group tour to Italy called "Italy: Venice to Amalfi Coast" with the analogous products of other tour operators offered on the market.
Top 10 Iceland Experiences
Discover volcanoes, thundering waterfalls and steaming geothermal areas. The list to fall in love with Iceland, especially its capital Reykjavik, could go on and on, but for now, we have prepared top 10, based on our destination specialists' opinion and travelers’ reviews.
Quarter in Review: April | May | June
Another quarter of the year has passed, and we meet again to evaluate what was it like to be part of Firebird the past three months. The first thing you would probably notice is the change in the design of the website, that is a good clue of what we have been up to lately! But there are plenty of other questions we should address like which tours were most popular during April, May, and June or have we managed to surpass the number of itineraries designed in the last quarter.
Quarter in Review: January | February | March
It's no April Fools joke - we're back with our long-awaited segment where we review what's been happening in our Firebird Tour offices around the globe. We are about to find out how successful our Sales Team were in crafting itineraries over the past few months. We will learn what tours topped the best-seller charts and if there were any new ones added to our list. Finally, we'll get a chance to read the review of the quarter and catch up on the travel advice shared recently. There's a lot on the agenda, so let's dive in!
Month in Review: November
It's December already, and as much as we'd have liked to go straight into the heartwarming festivities of the month, there is something we needed to take care of beforehand. Yes, as the title reveals it - we continue with our monthly tradition of reviewing travel trends and news at the end of each month.
Month in Review: October
As we leave October behind it's time to have a final look over the shoulder to evaluate how successful the month has been. It's always useful to monitor the travel trends and wishes of our clients, including destinations they have booked to visit and the countries they have been already discovering during the middle of Fall, today we want to share it with you! We also use these monthly blog posts to recap on the updates we shared with you, which usually include - interesting travel reads from our blog, entertaining videos releases on our Youtube channel and most of all - new tours we published on the website. So, let's roll.