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Browsing for information on Europe travel? The Destination Focus section of the Firebird blog gives answers to many questions of those planning to go to Europe as well as shares handy tips and interesting findings.


Destination Focus
Denmark is often placed among the world's happiest and most prosperous countries. But is it a really happy smiling face that first pops in your mind when you hear the word "Denmark"? Maybe it's the Vikings? Colorful Lego bricks or houses? Could it be licorice or bikes?
Marvelous Sicily is the paradise island on the tiptoe of the Italian “boot” and one of the most unique European destinations, ready to embrace you with its shining sun and legendary Italian passion.
Planning an Iceland vacation may be tricky as there are many nuances you need to keep in mind if you consider going to this northern European destination. Below, we answer most often asked questions on what you need to know before setting off on an Iceland holiday.
It’s time to have a closer look at southern Spanish regions to get a clear image of the whole county’s stunning legacy and to ease your planning of a trip to Spain.
The country with a fiery temper which doesn’t concede even to Italy, passionate Spain is a true gem of the Mediterranean you’ll desire to immerse in. The legendary motherland of famed artists and excellent soccer players simply can’t leave anyone indifferent, keeping an enormous number of outstanding phenomena to surprise you.
In this article, we'd like to share what to know when touring the Netherlands in the colorful flowery season and how to spice up your spring Netherlands itinerary.
Enthusiasts of Italy travel often say that if you haven't been to the Amalfi Coast, you haven't seen Italy in all its glory.
The charms of winding cobbled lanes, the grandeur of Gothic cathedrals and medieval castles, outstanding art and music coupled with authentic local delicacies - be sure, central Europe has it all.