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It's no April Fools joke - we're back with our long-awaited segment where we review what's been happening in our Firebird Tour offices around the g
It goes without saying that human history counts numerous conquerors and brave travelers who have made thousands of discoveries, enriching our knowledge about some remote corners of the planet. However, there’s one famous man whose name is perpetuated in the world legacy, remembered by lots of generations, and inscribed in all history books around the globe - Christopher Columbus. And today is the best day to recall the renowned traveler and his great contribution to the world’s history.
Have you ever wondered whether it was curiosity and drive for adventure that made people discover America, Siberia, the moon? Since ancient times thousands of valiant travelers left their homes and set off on long voyages in order to find new lands and to perpetuate their names in history. Are you an adventure lover striving for new emotions and valuable experience as well? If the answer is “yes”, congratulations, you have a reason for a celebration today!
The most anticipated sport event of the year took its grandiose start and now all eyes are on Russia, which is hosting the FIFA World Cup for the first time in its history. Tours to Russia are in top demand as football fans from all over the world have gathered in the host country to support their national teams and take part in the epic celebration. Now let’s have a sneak peek at the whole crazy football rush that captured cities throughout the country.
Discovering Russia during a cruise is one adventure to remember, as apart from time spent on land, touring the two Russian capitals and their main landmarks, each day of the cruise part is full of fun activities and sightseeing during stops in ports of call. In this piece, we go “behind the scenes” of the 12-day cruise on board the 4+ star ship, MS Rostropovich.
Vote for Travel All Russia! We have been nominated for the 2018 World Travel Awards! Often referred to as "Oscars in Tourism", World Travel Awards were founded in 1993 and annually acknowledges the excellence of travel industry members on an international and regional level in various categories.
Is there anything more gratifying than getting positive feedback in any shape or form? Whether it's the reviews from travelers, words in the press or even better - recognition from truly reputable organizations like Stevie Awards.
We usually write about places that our travelers should visit or the landmarks they need to see and sometimes just in general about the joys of tra