Firebird Sponsors National Students Volleyball League

Volleyball Tournament Winners

Firebird Tours made an impact in the memorable victory of the National Students Volleyball League, representing the Lithuanian Vilnius University, in the biggest student sports event of the year - the European Universities Games.


The European Universities Games (EUG) are a major student multi-sport competition held in Europe every other year since 2012.

Hospitable Croatia was the host of the 3rd European Universities Games in 2016 from July 12th to the 25th.

Over 5,000 students from about 400 leading universities all over Europe participated in the sports events. The competition took place in two Croatian cities Zagreb and Rijeka with subdivisions for 21 different sports including basketball, beach volleyball, tennis, karate, swimming, and water polo to name a few.

Firebird Tours was the proud sponsor of the National Students Volleyball League (Nacionalinė Studentų Tinklinio Lyga NSVL), who played in name of the Lithuanian Vilnius University. The team came to Croatia to compete in the Beach Volleyball sports subdivision of the tournament.

Firebird Tours Volleybal League
Volleyball player passin a ball

Both the male and female Beach Volleyball tournaments were held by the picturesque Lake Jarun in Zagreb. In the course of the event, the Vilnius University team made it to the finals.

The official slogan of the games was "Heart believes - mind achieves". With belief, talent and a fiery drive, the Lithuanian Team flew high and deservedly got its champions medals.

The talented volleyball players Lukas Kazdailis and Artur Vasiljev won silver medals for the tournament in the men's finals. The team came of second best in the match against the Austrian University of Linz.

Both players say that it was an unforgettable experience and a great victory both for the National Students Volleyball League and the Lithuanian Vilnius University.


The next European Universities Games are to be held in sunny Portugal's Coimbra in summer 2018.


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