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Why Add Pinhao to Your Portugal Holidays

Boasting a stunning location by the picturesque Douro Valley, the village of Pinhao is among the most scenic places for a getaway in this part of Portugal.

Actually, Pinhao is even considered to be the main hub of Douro as it is ideally placed by the river and the breathtaking slopes, green with vineyards.

Of course, one of the top activities during a Pinhao tour is going port wine tasting. The region is known worldwide for the production of high-quality wines. Surprisingly, this very region is among the oldest ones on our planet!

The village has about a dozen different venues where you can try port wine, from small privately-owned cafes to cellars, wineries, and larger wine production areas. Some travelers even prefer to go on special guided tours to learn more about the process and history of making port wine.

Regardless of its rather small size, there are numerous things to check out during Pinhao sightseeing. As such, stop by the small yet beautifully-decorated with the traditional blue Portuguese azulejo tiles, Pinhao rail station, plus, strolling by the local vineyards is a "must".

What's for other ways to brighten up your Pinhao trip, consider treating yourself to a boat ride along Douro River, trust us, the views of the vineyards from the blues of the water are something to remember.

"Musts" of a Pinhao, Portugal Itinerary

  • Taste top-quality port wine & check out the vineyards
  • Have a memorable boat ride along the Douro
  • Stop by the adorned Pinhao Rail Station
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