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About Turku

About Turku

Why Go on a Turku, Finland Vacation

Turku is Finland's oldest town settled in the 13th century and was once its capital. It lies on the Gulf of Bothnia in the area where the successors to the Swedish Vikings landed in the 12th century and set out to conquer what is now Finland. Turku was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1827 but is now the third-largest city of Finland.

Due to its location, the Port of Turku is a notable commercial and passenger year-round ice-free seaport with over 3 million passengers traveling each year to Stockholm and Mariehamn.

Traditionally considered to be the "gateway to Sweden", the influence of this country is significant: Turku is a bilingual city and about 5% of the population speak Swedish as a mother tongue.

Among the must-sees during a Turku tour are the famous 13th-century castle located on the west side of Turku near the harbor, which was built around 1300 on what was then an island at the mouth of the river. It was enlarged in the 16th-17th century and now houses the Turku Historical Museum.

Another sight to add to your Turku itinerary is doubtlessly the Cathedral which is considered to be the "mother church" in Finland. It is the only medieval cathedral in the country dating back to the year 1300. It is a massive brick church in Late Romanesque style with Gothic and Renaissance additions and a massive 97-meter high tower.

Turku is a very peaceful city and visitors enjoy strolling along Aura River, which subdivides that city into two parts and crosses it by 9 bridges. Apart from that, Turku was designated the European Capital of Culture for 2011 and in 1996, the official Christmas City of Finland.

Although it hasn't been the capital of the country for quite a long time, Turku still remains a regional capital and an important business and cultural center.

Best Things to Do in Turku, Finland

  • Visit the Turku Historical Museum and castle
  • Stop by the Turku Cathedral
  • Have a relaxing stroll along the Aura River
All Attractions in Turku

All Attractions in Turku

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