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The greatest feeling we experience in our working day is the satisfaction of hearing from our clients after the journey is over. It is very rewarding to know we've achieved more than what the client had hoped for when they picked us to handle their journey. We are happy to have 99.8% customer satisfaction rate. As for the remaining 0.2%, we are constantly working on making them happy as well. If you have traveled with us and wish to leave us a review, you can do so by visiting third-party websites Better Business Bureau and Trust Pilot or by getting involved in an on-going discussion on Trip Advisor.


Adventure of a lifetime to Finnish Lapland all to the thanks of Firebird Tours

My Firebird Tour agent worked with me for several months to arrange the "perfect" tour for me & my husband to Finland (Finnish Lapland Trip, December 2016). Everything I wanted plus more.

We were pampered every step of the way---private drivers, private tour guides, top of the line hotels; everything was A+++++

But the best part was that Firebird Tours & our agent treated us like we were the only people they had to deal with.

Also, they did a wonderful follow-up that most agencies don't provide.


Superb tour to Italy! You really deserve a round of applause

I wasn't sure what to expect from our trip to Italy but my mom and I were very surprised with how smoothly everything went. Only a few minor hiccups that were too minor to even mention.

We enjoyed the guided tours because all the views were really great and the buildings so old. The sites were a bit crowded but still very nice. The bridges and canals, small cobblestoned streets and Piazzas can be described by saying WOW! Even prettier than what we saw in movies and on TV.


I think that no place on Earth can be more interesting to tour than Italy

A million times thank you! Italy is an incredibly beautiful country. I think that no place on Earth can be more interesting to tour than Italy.

Venice is the living definition of romance, so stunning with gandolas and canals. The truly Italian feeling and numerous tourist attractions were impressive. Anywhere you turn you see something incredible and worth taking pictures of. The colors and moods of the sun lit cities we visited were great.


Our Spain - Morocco Fantasy trip couldn’t have been more perfect

Our trip couldn’t have been more perfect. All the more amazing since Firebird Tours only had three weeks to plan it.  They gave me exactly what I had in mind broadly and filled the itinerary up with the most exciting tours we could have ever imagined!  It gave us a chance to really experience the places, people, art, history and architecture!

Best vacation EVER! Viva España!

We've both been blabbering non-stop about this program and advise everyone to pack their bags and go travel with Firebird Tours! It was the best decision we could have possibly made and want to say thank you AGAIN to all who contributed to making this trip so unforgettable.


Our trip to Spain was everything we have been dreaming of and more!

Our trip to Spain was everything we have been dreaming of and more! The thing that shocked me most was that every point of the tour was soo well-organized! Everything went like clockwork. All drivers were on time and even early, and transfers went smoothly without even one little hitch - now that's what I call impressive organizational skills! The hotels we stayed at were great, the one in Barcelona was our favorite.


Trip of a Lifetime to Winter Russia + Helsinki

Well, this truly was the trip of a lifetime. We have traveled a lot but both agree this is the best one yet. At every turn, your people were standing there with signs to greet us. We had absolutely no problems with anything on the entire trip.


Our Ultimate Norway Highlights (Norway in a Nutshell) was in a word .... Superb!!!

Our Ultimate Norway Highlights (Norway in a Nutshell) was in a word .... Superb!!! Our Tour evaluation summary: 1. Meet and Greet - Firebird Tour reps were punctual and always on time in Oslo, Balestrand, Bergen, and Stavanger 2. Modes of transportation - Accommodations, and related schedules were perfect from Oslo to Flam to Balestrand to Bergen to Stavanger. We were never disappointed and our tickets were always accurate for all four travelers

About the tour to Scandinavia, it was FANTASTIC

About the tour, it was FANTASTIC, everything about the tour was good. Our guides could not have been more helpful with all their care, advice and planning for us.

The things we most enjoyed were : Obviously the scenery. The accommodation. The ease of travelling, knowing we were well cared for, picked up at the allocated time, driven to our mode of transport and or accommodation.

The local guides were very good. The morning tours, leaving the rest of the day free to explore, I felt there was no wasted time. The small group was good, everyone was thoughtful and polite.


What a wonderful job you did!

What a wonderful job you did, planning our Ultimate Norway tour! We enjoyed visiting Norway so much and were amazed by all the special experiences incorporated into our trip. First of all: the guides and drivers were exceptional. We learned so much about the cities and regions, having that one-on-one conversation with the "experts". Second, the variety of transportation methods was great! Planes, trains, autos and boats. Our friends keep asking, "Were you on a cruise?" and we say, "No, it was better than that!"

This was the best trip I have ever taken. It was perfectly orchestrated

Norway is even more beautiful than we had imagined. Our Epic Fjords & Seas of Norway trip in the summer of 2015 was almost perfect. I will try to give you a day by day run-down of our experiences.

It was the most wonderful, most organized, most memorable no-worry trip we have ever had!

It was the most wonderful, most organized, most memorable no-worry trip we have ever had (to say the least)! Pickup cars and drivers were so efficient, always on time and very friendly. Tourist guides were very knowledgeable, accommodating and cheerful, very helpful and suitable, allowing us to do the walking tours on a slow easy pace, especially for seniors like us.

We’ve created some unforgettable memories

Thanks so much for putting together a wonderful trip to Norway for us! It included everything we wanted to do and went very smoothly. I did have 2 concerns before we left both of which turned out to be non-problematic. Our 3 train tickets were issued in 2 names – this was not questioned. We had not pre-registered for shore excursions with Hurtigruten but that was not a problem either. There were many choices and adequate space.

Denice and I agree this was the best trip of our lives

The Norway Fjords trip was outstanding. One little glitch with a driver not showing up in Bergen but the matter was taken care of. The hotels, tours, trains, fjords and the cruise were just the best. You put together a wonderful tour for us and we are delighted. Denice and I agree this was the best trip of our lives. You hit it perfectly with the cruise as we crossed the Arctic Circle at 7:23 am on June 21st, our 40th anniversary.

What a fabulous trip you arranged for us!!

What a fabulous trip you arranged for us!! Great guides, wonderful tours, loved the cruise up the fjords, outstanding food on board. Even saw Northern Lights twice! Also excellent accommodations in all cities. Thank you for all that you arranged for us!