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Vilnius, Lithuania

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Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia Vacation Tours

Travel to one of the most charming yet under-explored regions in Europe - the Baltics! Located at the intersection of Western and Eastern cultures, Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia offer an eclectic blend of European coziness and post-Soviet era heritage. Walk through the cobbled streets of well-preserved old towns, learn about the unique destiny of Baltic states, savor delicious local cuisine and feel the modern vibe of Baltic capitals with our fully customizable private tours. As always, the Baltics tour packages include private airport transfers, easy time-saving connections between the destinations, stays at city-center 4 or 5-star properties, as well as guided sightseeing tours with local English-speaking professionals.

The Baltics Package Tours by Firebird

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Baltics Trip Packages

Already excited to visit the glorious region of Baltics and start planning your ideal adventure? Then choose one of our carefully picked Baltics travel packages allowing you to see the best of what vivid Lithuania, spectacular Latvia, and majestic Estonia has to offer. Eager to add a new destination or a specific tour to your Baltics trip? Then you should know that Firebird Baltics tour programs are fully customizable, so you can easily modify any chosen itinerary and create a perfect route. Regarding the tour you decide to opt for, all packages come with high-class accommodation options, private airport transfers, and engaging activities.

Baltics Tour Highlights

  • Vilnius Cathedral
  • The oldest university of Lithuania
  • Dome Cathedral and the Church of St. Peter in Riga
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • Witch Mountain
  • Trip to Kernave & Trakai
  • Gauja National Park
  • Hill of Crosses

Tips for England Travel

  • Since most of the tours are walking, don't forget to pack some comfortable shoes in your suitcase. Some warm clothes and a waterproof jacket would also not be superfluous.
  • Even though debit and credit cards are accepted in most places of the program, it is also advisable to have some cash with you for extra meals, tips, or taxi
  • Make sure to start planning your vacation in advance to avoid overbooked hotels
  • Don't forget to pack a portative charger in your backpack so that you won't worry about your camera turning off accidentally

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