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Winding canals, delicious local cuisine, historic cobblestone streets - Belgium is among the most sought-after European destinations. Belgian cities such as Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp or Bruges may seem small at first yet the sightseeing opportunities there are endless when on tours to Belgium. From boat rides to delicious tastings, explore the treasures of this country yourself with tailor-made programs by Firebird Tours which include stays at top pick city-center hotels, private airport transfers, as well as guided tours of all the major landmarks with local pros by default.


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Belgium Trip Packages

Discover the best of Belgium with our private tours. We design them to take off any traveling stress from your shoulders and make your trip to Belgium just as relaxing as a beach vacation. Your Belgium itinerary will consist of only the tried and tested travel supply. You will stay in the hearts of the cities at remarkable hotels, with excellent breakfasts. You will tour the cities with only the most professional local guides. Rest assured, they have great people skills and speak English well. What is more, you won't have to think about calling a taxi or looking for a public transport route to get to the Belgium sights on the agenda - you will have a private driver for that. Sounds almost too good to be true? You get what you pay for when planning your Belgium vacations with Firebird Tours.

Belgium Tour Highlights

  • Picturesque Bruges canal cruise
  • The Church of Our Lady in Bruges
  • The oldest hospital in Europe (Bruges)
  • Old Castle in Ghent
  • Ghent city tour & Saint Nicholas' Church, Belfry & Saint Bravo's Cathedral
  • Antwerp city tour, City Hall & Ruben's House
  • Belgian chocolate making master-class
  • Market Square in Brussels

Tips for Belgium Travel

  • Belgium has Euros, and we suggest you have them too! Withdraw some upon arrival in the country. This way you can pay for small expenses such as souvenirs and leave some tips
  • A lot of the tours on your itinerary require walking, and walking requires very comfortable shoes. Make sure to bring your most favorite pair
  • Belgium is also famous for its Christmas markets, we recommend starting planning early for the holidays
  • Most Belgians can speak English pretty well. However, learning a few basic phrases can be both fun and useful
  • The climate in Belgium is unpredictable. You won't go wrong if you bring a water-resistant jacket and an umbrella 

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