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Immerse yourself in the beauty of Asia


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Best China Package Tours by Firebird

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Private rail tour  |  Nearest Date:

23 days

7 cities

3 countries

Beijing | Ulan Bator | Irkutsk | Ekaterinburg | Kazan | Moscow | Saint Petersburg

Start your exploration from the capital of oriental magic, Beijing, cross the Gobi Desert before arriving in Mongolia's Ulan Bator. Lose yourself in the beauty of Lake Baikal, visit Irkutsk, cross over the Ural Mountains and continue to mighty Moscow. Finally, arrive in royal St. Petersburg.


Private tour  |  Nearest Date:

9 days

3 cities

1 country

Beijing | Xian | Shanghai

One of the most ancient civilizations covered with mystery and legends, China welcomes you to discover its treasures. You will finally be able to cross off the Great Wall of China and other stunning landmarks of your bucket list!

Trans-Siberian, Mongolia, China

Small group rail tour  |  Nearest Date:
Jun 28, 2018

16 days

8 cities

3 countries

Beijing | Ulan Bator | Ulan-Ude | Novosibirsk | Irkutsk | Ekaterinburg | Kazan | Moscow

The Tsar's Gold Trans-Siberian rail-tour focuses on your experience and comfort, providing every opportunity for enjoying your journey of a lifetime.  Discover the best of Chinese heritage in and around Beijing, experience genuine Mongolia, and finally explore Russian towns to get an insight of real Russia.

Rail tour  |  Nearest Date:
Aug 19, 2018

15 days

8 cities

3 countries

Moscow | Kazan | Ekaterinburg | Novosibirsk | Irkutsk | Ulan-Ude | Ulan Bator | Beijing

The unique Trans-Siberian journey from Moscow to Beijing on the Imperial Russia train combines sense of adventure with comfort of private train. Feel the imperial spirit of Russia's endless expanses, enjoy the Mongolian hospitality and rich culture, get inspired by the legacy of China - all adventures are in 15 unforgettable days.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Asia

Traditionally perceived as the source of high spirituality and epochal tradition, Asia is simply irresistible. Be prepared for some of the most memorable experiences in your life as you enjoy the beauty of the Forbidden City in Beijing and the views of the Great Wall of China.

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