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Puglia, Italy

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Private & Small Group Tours of Puglia

Occupying the "heel" of Italy's "boot", the charming Puglia region in Southern Italy offers travelers much to discover. Tours to Puglia (or Apulia as it is also often referred to) reveal innumerable sightseeing treasures such as the unique beehive shaped houses in Alberobello, the white-stone baroque architecture of Lecce and, of course, the well-preserved old town of Bari. Moreover, the gastronomic side won't disappoint either as Puglia is home to centuries-old traditions of wine-making, olive oil production, and orecchiette pasta. Travel to Puglia with an expert-made Southern Italy itinerary by Firebird Tours, which can be customized around your interests and preferences, plus, already includes airport transfers, city-center hotels, as well as guided sightseeing tours with local pros by default.

Puglia Package Tours by Firebird

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Puglia Trip Packages

Eager to explore the miraculous region which is famous for its marvelous landscapes, elegant architecture, and mouth-watering gastronomical delights? If yes, browse our list of the carefully picked Puglia travel itineraries, choose the one that matches your idea of the perfect adventure or create your own unique program, and embark on a journey promising you the most heart-warming memories. All Puglia vacation packages were designed by talented destination specialists so that you can rest reassured that even the tiniest details of your trip are taken good care of. Moreover, check out our Firebird blog to learn more about different Italian destinations that just can't be missed during your trip.

Puglia Tour Highlights

  • Gargano
  • Grotte di Castellana
  • Basilica San Nicola
  • Castello Normanno-Svevo
  • Isla de San Domino
  • Altopiano delle Murge

Tips for Puglia Travel

  • During Italy's midday siesta (1-4 p.m.), lots of shops and restaurants are closed, so make sure to keep in mind while planning your trip
  • Private bathrooms in Italy aren't usually free, thus it'ts advisable to always have a few coins in your pocket
  • Please note, in the most Puglia restaurants a charge from 1$ to 3$ is usually already included in the bill

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