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Why Visit Pompeii, Italy

Once a mighty and thriving city, Pompeii is an ancient Roman town that was tragically buried alive with about 11 thousand of its inhabitants in the ashes of Mount Vesuvius when the volcano erupted on August, 24th 79 A.D.

This terrifying event also took the lives of those who lived in the nearby town Herculaneum and several other locations. Today the archaeological site of Pompeii's excavated remnants can be visited and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Walking down what were once the busy streets of Pompeii may be a bit spooky but the incredible side about the town is that the ashes have managed to preserve and somewhat even conserve the town in its original appearance. Thus displaying and giving a true genuine insight of what the daily life of an ancient Roman city was like.

Things to see in Pompeii

Pompeii in Italy is a destination that can be easily reached from Naples and makes a very interesting day trip. The must-sees on the spot are:

  • The Apollo Temple
  • The House of Faun
  • The Forum
  • The Temple of Jupiter

One thing's certain, it is definitely worth setting off on your own Pompeii discovery as the destination exhibits many unique artifacts, including old fountains, walls of former buildings and homes (sometimes practically intact), frescoes, and even everyday objects like jars.

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