7-Day Tours to Scandinavia

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7-Day Tours to Scandinavia

Step into the real fairy-tale and engage with the epic wilderness during your 7-day Scandinavia tour. During your week-exploration of Europe's mighty north, you learn more about the land of Vikings, discover the secrets of colorful cities, enjoy the great outdoors, and as a highlight, set off on northern lights hunt to catch the magical aurora borealis beautifully sparkling in the night sky. If you are wondering how to make the utmost of your 7 days in Scandinavia, check our collection of itineraries that collected the best what this glorious region has to offer. To guarantee you the ultimate experience, the Firebird team takes care of all trip-planning peculiarities so you can travel absolutely worry-free.

Tours to Scandinavia (7 days)

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7-Day Tours to Scandinavia

Touring Scandinavia is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience; therefore, make sure to pack all the necessary belongings and include all the must-visit locations to your 7-day Scandinavia itinerary. In addition to bustling cities, authentic cultures, and unique activities, the region boasts spectacular nature that allures visitors and ensures to leave them speechless.

Things To Do & Places To See in Scandinavia

Don't miss out on any important sights & experiences in Scandinavia

Spend the most amazing week in Scandinavia and take advantage of the comprehensive 7-day tours to the destination, providing centrally-located hotels, private airport transfers, guided tours with professional guides, and much more. The worry-free journey takes you to some of the most popular sites in the region as well as to the hidden gems off the beaten path and allows you to get better acquainted with the history and the customs of Scandinavia. Ready to witness it all firsthand?

Highlights of Scandinavia tours
  • Northern lights seeking tours
  • Visiting the Santa Claus Village
  • Exciting snowmobile safari
  • A guided husky safari ride
  • Visit to a Sami family
  • Overnight at a Glass Igloo Resort

Scandinavia Travel Tips

Familiarize yourself with travel tips for Scandinavia to ensure a worry-free trip in the spectacular destination.

  • Climate

    The climate in Scandinavia can be rather unpredictable and varies in different parts of the region; make sure to check the weather forecast before your trip.

  • What to pack

    Packing comfortable footwear is advisable as the tours involve spending quite some time on your feet. A waterproof jacket might also come in handy.

  • When to travel

    Visiting Scandinavia is a good idea throughout the entire year as there is plenty to do during any season.

  • How much to tip

    Tipping is optional, yet appreciated; leave up to 10% of your bill in tips if you have enjoyed the service.

  • Food

    While in Scandinavia, make sure to sample local dishes, including but not limited to Gravlax, Herring, Meatballs, Lohikeitto, Smørrebrød, and Kransekake.

  • Currency

    The currency varies in different countries of the region; make sure to check beforehand and exchange some money before your trip to avoid card fees.

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