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Best France And Germany Tours

If charming France is all about lovely villages and mouth-watering cuisine, Germany’s spirit reflects in its bustling lifestyle and outstanding masterpieces of modern architecture. It seems like these two amazing countries are absolutely different, but you will be surprised how much in common they actually have. Are you already excited to experience the allure of these incomparable European destinations? On this page, you can find the best France and Germany tours taking you far beyond the must-see attractions and introducing you to the hidden treasures of the region. Select the itinerary that represents your idea of a perfect getaway and let your memorable trip to France and Germany begin!

France & Germany Tour Packages

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France & Germany Trip Packages

Why not explore both Germany and France on a single tour? Get your hands on the perfect Germany and France itinerary and enjoy touring two different destinations that are an essential part of Western Europe. Traveling in two countries with one itinerary might sound complicated and stressful, but don't worry as you will have very experienced travel destination specialists at your side to custom make a travel plan that suits you. You can expect centrally-located hotels, convenient and comfortable transfers, local professional guides, and exciting activities. Sounds good, right? Start planning your France & Germany tour today.

France & Germany Tour Highlights

Explore two countries, Germany and France, on one tour.

Learn which landmarks and activities you should add to your itinerary to France and Germany. Design your ideal tour together with a destination expert.

France and Germany Tour Highlights
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Exporing famous districts in Paris
  • Versailles
  • Tour of Avignon
  • Berlin Wall
  • Palaces and Parks of Potsdam
  • Visiting Dresden
  • Munich's Old Town
  • The Oldest World's Brewery
  • The Brandenburg Gate

Tips for France & Germany Travel

Plan your France and Germany tour with top tips and have a smoother experience.

  • What to pack

    Both countries have the same type of power plugs, purchase one adaptor for type F or C plugs.

  • Food

    Try macarons, cheese, crossants in France, and sausages, schnitzel, rouladen in Germany.

  • Currency

    You will need Euros (EUR) for Germany and France. We always recommend exchanging your money in advance of your trip.

  • How much to tip

    In France, check if your bill has "servis compris", this means tips are included. In Germany, you will need to leave 10% tips.

  • Climate

    France and Germany get very sunny and warm in summer, hence bring some sun protection.

  • Souvenirs

    Some of the most popular souvenirs from Germany are beer steins, and from France are cheese.

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