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Top Germany and Switzerland Tours

Representing an organic mix of medieval and modernity, both fantastic Switzerland and marvelous Germany have already won the hearts of millions. Undoubtedly, with something to discover at every corner, these two amazing countries offer endless opportunities for touring: numerous architectural wonders, breathtaking Alpine sceneries, fairy-tale castles, and delicious cuisine. Wondering how to make the utmost of your Germany and Switzerland trip and see the best what this part of Europe has to offer? Check out our compilation of the top-notch Germany and Switzerland tours and set off on a journey you will remember for years!

Germany & Switzerland Tour Packages

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Germany & Switzerland Vacation Packages

Are you planning to travel to Switzerland and Germany? Then check out our tours to both countries! Created by our destination specialist, tours to Switzerland and Germany offer rich sightseeing with an English-speaking guide, centrally located hotels, a range of various activities, and a support line during your European journey. We promise, your Switzerland and Germany exploration will leave wonderful life memories. Our tour collection boasts a visit to the must-visit cities in Germany & Switzerland, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Zurich, Zermatt, and Montreux. Do not hesitate to discover two tourist-loved countries!

Germany & Switzerland Tour Highlights

  • Berlin Top Architecture Sights
  • Exploring Berlin Wall & Mitte District
  • Day Trip to Basel & Modern Architecture Tour
  • Cruise across the Lake Lucerne & ride on the cogwheel train via Alpine meadows
  • Exploring the ruins of the Heidelberg Castle
  • Touring the historic heart of Stuttgart
  • Railway journey on the Glacier Express
  • Cogwheel train journey on the highest open-air railway in Europe, the Gornergrat Bahn
  • A boat cruise on Lake Geneva & a guided tour around the Chillon Castle

Tips for Germany & Switzerland Travel

  • It's always best to bring some cash in local currency for your trip. You will need Euros for your time in Germany and Francs in Switzerland
  • You will be walking quite a bit during your sightseeing tours, so make sure to bring comfortable shoes
  • Communication equipment in Switzerland takes 230 volts, you will need an adapter plug (type J) to make your plug fit into the socket
  • Tipping is included in the price of your meal at restaurants in Switzerland. If you liked the service, it is acceptable to round up the bill to the nearest Franc
  • You can safely drink tap water in Switzerland, the quality of it is often measured as purer than that of bottled mineral water

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