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Best Italy 8-day Itineraries

Breathtaking Italy is an amazing place filled with mysteries waiting to be uncovered, and it seems like a lifetime isn't enough to see everything there is to see in the one-of-a-kind country. But all journeys have to start somewhere, and an 8-day getaway is a great way to start your grand exploration of Italy. For your convenience, below you can find a list of all 8-day tours of Italy that we offer. As always, all Italy tours by Firebird are fully customizable and offer only the most time-saving connections, the best centrally located hotels, and the most exciting activities to spice up your trip with.

Italy 8-day Itineraries

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Italy 8-Day Vacation Packages

Fascinating Italy features countless world-famous sights. Its culture, architecture, traditions, and cuisine admire every visitor. To catch a bit of the real Italian atmosphere, you should spend at least about one week. Our Italy itinerary for 8 days are organized by the best destination experts and includes top visit sights, professional guides, and smooth logistics. Besides, we can easily customize an 8-day tour of Italy according to your needs. For more inspiration, read the must-visit churches in Italy and travel tips below.


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Browse our list of the most popular landmarks featured in our Italy tours and set off on a journey of a lifetime.

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Tips for Italy Travel

Check out our expert tips for Italy and enjoy your memorable adventure to the fullest.

Italy Travel Tips
  • What to pack

    Make sure to pack comfortable shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses as well as waterproof jacket for rainy days.

  • Tickets

    Think about booking the tickets in advance since Italy is among the most popular destinations in Europe.

  • Currency

    Make sure to have some cash for extra expenses like tipping or restrooms. Italy uses Euro as the official currency.

  • Language

    To make the utmost of your adventure and learn more about local culture, save some time to learn a few phrases in Italian.

  • Climate

    With its hot dry summers and wet winters, Italia can be characterized as Mediterranean.

  • When to travel

    The best time to travel to Italy is late spring-early fall; only choose summertime if you can stand the heat.

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