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Legends about Loch Ness have been in the wind for many years. There were photos, movies, TV programs, different theories, and shocked witnesses. Despite such attention, this mystery hasn't been revealed yet. Feed your desire for folk mysteries and tales with one of our Loch Ness tours. Experience the unique atmosphere of matchless Scotland, exploring Edinburgh, Inverness, Fort William, and many other Scottish cities along with medieval castles and isles. And as the main highlight, take a boat ride along the Loch Ness surface to catch a glance of the legendary Nessie monster. Top central hotels, astonishing sightseeings, and fast connections are included. Don't waste your time to book your Loch Ness visit as it may be you who will reveal the secret of the lake's lurking monster.

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Dreaming of seeing the renowned Loch Ness Monster with your own eyes? Embark on an unforgettable Loch Ness Tour in Scotland and get better acquainted not only with the mysterious legend but with spectacular surroundings likewise. Set in the Scottish Highlands, the freshwater loch is located just a short drive away from Inverness, providing excellent opportunities to explore the loch and the exceptional cities and towns nearby.

Loch Ness Tour in Scotland Highlights

Take a chance to hunt the legendary Loch Ness Monster and admire natural surroundings.

Find out what great things are waiting for you during the Loch Ness tour. Plan your dream vacation together with professional assistance.

Loch Ness Tour in Scotland Highlights

Tips for Loch Ness in Scotland Travel

Prepare for your exciting journey to Loch Ness with a helpful list of tips and enjoy every moment.

  • What to pack

    Make sure to pack comfortable and warm clothing as well as a pair of your most comfortable shoes.

  • Food

    While in Scotland make sure to try Scottish pies, haggis, neeps an tatties, cranachan, and Scotch pie.

  • Currency

    Having local currency while traveling abroad is always a good idea; the local currency in Scotland is Pound sterling.

  • How much to tip

    Tipping in Scotland is optional yet appreciated; feel free to show your appreciation by leaving up to 10-15%.

  • Climate

    The weather in Scotland is hardly predictable; therefore, a water-proof jacket or an umbrella is always a good idea.

  • Souvenirs

    Some of the most popular souvenirs from Scotland are Malt Scotch Whisky, Gin, Scottish tea, or Edinburgh Crystal.

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