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Norway Northern Lights Tours

Our planet has many wonders: from the mysterious and unexplainable phenomena to breathtaking and marvelous acts of nature. Beautiful Norway is home for one of the most beautiful natural occurrences, aurora borealis. No wonder that many skywatchers consider this country a perfect destination to hunt and watch colorful and miraculous Northern Lights. With one of our Norway Northern Lights tour package, you will experience true Northern Lights experience, get acquainted with wonderful Norway, rest at remarkable hotels, as well as catch a sight of the most significant highlights of the region. All transfers and connections are taken care of and our travel specialists are always ready to help you during your journey to see a natural light display in the Earth's sky!

Best Northern Lights Trips to Norway

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Norway Northern Lights Vacation Packages

Take a chance to witness the magical beauty of the Northern Lights in Norway at least once in your lifetime! The impressive Aurora Borealis is one of the most trending natural phenomena. Thousands of people hunt them and guarantee everyone that it's worth waiting, but before that, make sure to be well prepared. Our Norway Northern Lights tours are organized by destination experts and include professional guides, smooth logistics, comfortable accommodation, and rich sightseeing. Can't wait to start planning? Hit a chat button in a corner, and our destination experts will be pleased to help you!

The Places to See Northern Lights

  • Tromso
  • Kirkenes
  • The Lofoten Islands
  • North Cape
  • Svalbard
  • Bodo
  • Alta

Tips for Seeing Northern Lights

  • Waiting for Northern Lights on a cold winter night is not always pleasant; make sure to pack warm clothes and shoes
  • The best time to see Northern Lights is from late September to March. In case you prefer less brutal weather, travel during late September, October, and March
  • Northern Lights appears between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.; usually, it's after midnight
  • The best to admire the Northern Lights is get out of the big city

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