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Portugal Tours from Lisbon

It goes without saying that any Portugal vacation would be incomplete without paying tribute to its capital, the fabulous city of Lisbon. Cozily nestled on the Atlantic coast, Lisbon possesses countless hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered: mind-blowing views open from every angle, monumental architectural gems impress with their grandeur, and lovely yellow trams ride along the narrow streets ready to take you to any corner of the city. Apart from mesmerizing all guests with its unparalleled spirit, the town on seven hills is also known as a home for the world’s most adventurous explorers and greatest pathfinders. Are you already excited to follow their steps and set off on your unforgettable Portugal trip? We bet you are. Select one of our eventful Portugal tours from Lisbon created by professional travel specialists and start your journey from the very heart of the country!

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Portugal Vacation Packages from Lisbon

When it comes to planning your Portugal itinerary, keep in mind that the capital, Lisbon is a perfect start point for your memorable journey. Start exploring Portuguese culture and history from the vivid capital, see the must-visit sights, and continue your Portugal trip from Lisbon to Porto or any other city! Our Portugal tours from Lisbon are planned by destination experts and combine remarkable sightseeing with knowledgeable guides, centrally located accommodations, mouthwatering wine tastings, and excellent logistics. Get inspired by the top-visited sights in Lisbon below!

Things To Do & Places To See in Portugal

Don't miss out on any important sights & experiences in Portugal

Lisbon is, without a doubt, a must-visit city while touring beautiful Portugal. Explore its colorful streets, bustling culture, picturesque sights, and mouth-watering local specialties, and make your way later to continue your acquaintance with Portugal elsewhere. Choose from the best Portugal tours from Lisbon and enjoy centrally-located hotels, private airport transfers, guided tours with professional English-speaking guides, and much more in another charming corner of the country.

Highlights of Portugal tours
  • The Commerce Square
  • The Castle of São Jorge
  • The Belem Tower
  • The Jerónimos Monastery
  • The Lisbon Cathedral
  • The Monument of the Discoverers

Portugal Travel Tips

Read the travel tips provided by our experienced team of destination specialists and contact them for help or advice on how to create the perfect itinerary for a Lisbon extension.

  • What to pack

    Make sure to pack comfortable footwear and light layers of clothing, as well as a hat and some sunscreen.

  • How much to tip

    Tipping in Portugal is not customary, but if you’ve liked the service and food, feel free to leave up to 10% of the bill in tips.

  • Language

    Learn some phrases in Portuguese; locals will appreciate it if you start with hello - Olá, or say thank you - Obrigado/a.

  • When to travel

    The best time to visit Portugal is arguably late spring-early fall due to the optimal weather conditions for sightseeing.

  • Currency

    Having local currency with you is always a good idea while traveling abroad. The local currency in Portugal is the Euro.

  • Climate

    The climate varies slightly in different parts of the country, but summers tend to get really hot, while winters are mild and wet.

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