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Scandinavia & Russia Tours

Hard to imagine a more exciting place to spend a winter holiday than fairytale Scandinavia, right? This amazing region boasts spectacular fjords, sceneries to take your breath away, exceptional historical heritage, unique culture, welcoming locals, and one-of-a-kind sights in abundance. And don't forget about its unique cooking traditions, which are always a big plus for a holiday destination. But what if we add something else to this seemingly perfect vacation recipe and spice it up with an incredible Russia tour? These two completely different but equally fantastic destinations provide twice as many incredible things to explore, which means at least two (if not five) times more amazing memories and colorful photographs to bring back home. Check out the list of the best Scandinavia & Russia tour packages by Firebird, combining amazing centrally located hotels, the most logical connections, and a rich sightseeing tour. And don't forget, our carefully crafted tours are fully customizable and can be rearranged to meet all your needs and wishes.

Tours to Scandinavia and Russia

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Scandinavia & Russia Travel Packages

Kill two birds with one stone and marvel at the gems of both Scandinavia and Russia during one unforgettable journey. Fitted with all the elements of an exceptional travel experience, the Scandinavia & Russia tours include exquisite hotels, private transfers, professional drivers and guides, and all-encompassing itineraries by default. They also feature unique activities and one-of-a-kind experiences, such as traveling along the scenic Flamsbana Railway and touring the one-of-a-kind Hermitage to name a few.

Scandinavia & Russia Tour Highlights

  • Witnessing the changing of the Royal Guard
  • Exploring the Hermitage
  • Marveling at the magnificent fjords
  • Taking a trip to the exceptional Peterhof
  • Traveling along the awe-inspiring Flamsbana Railway
  • Visiting the Rock Church in Helsinki

Tips for Scandinavia & Russia Travel

  • Climate in Scandinavia and Russia likewise is hardly predictable; thus, make sure to pack for all sorts of weather
  • A water-resistant jacket and an umbrella is always a good idea. So is comfortable footwear as the tours often involve quite a lot of walking
  • Tipping is optional, but if you liked the service, you are welcome to show appreciation by leaving up to $10-15
  • Having local currency on hand is also advisable for tips and other small expenses

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