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Tromso Northern Lights Tours

Thinking about going hunting one of the most spectacular natural miracles, the jaw-dropping Aurora Borealis? Then we have a perfect place to offer you! The charming city of Tromso is nestled in northern Norway at the Arctic Circle, and it's an excellent location for this kind of activity. But it's not the only reason why you should put this charming town on your travel bucket list as its a unique place, boasting rich historical heritage and plenty of exciting ways to spice up your Norway holiday, such as hiking, kayaking, dog sledding, and even whale safaris. We organize the best Northern lights tours in Tromso, featuring something more than a chance to get out-of-this-world pictures with the magical phenomenon. All our Tromso Aurora Borealis tours guarantee amazing centrally located hotels, extensive sightseeing tours around the most striking landmarks of the region, professional guides with excellent English, and airport transfers. What is more, all our private northern lights tours to Tromso are fully customizable and can be crafted to meet all your wishes. If all of it sounds good, check the best hand-picked Northern Lights trips to Tromso by Firebird below and start planning your perfect winter holiday.

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Cross Northern Lights hunting off your bucket list in one of the most awe-inspiring locations in Norway - beautiful Tromso! Ensuring an exceptional experience, the area also provides the opportunity to enjoy numerous other unique activities, such as dog sledding, snowmobile safaris, spending time with a traditional Sami family, and more. Embark on an unforgettable journey to Tromso or include it in your fully customizable Norway tour and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime kind of travel.

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Tromso Travel Tips

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Tromso Northern Lights Travel Tips
  • What to pack

    In addition to warm clothing, a water-resistant jacket is also a good idea; so is comfortable footwear as the tours might involve quite a lot of walking.

  • How much to tip

    Tips to guides and drivers in Scandinavia are not obligatory. In case you are satisfied with the service feel free to leave up to 10-15% of the bill.

  • Currency

    Having local currency on hand is advisable for tips and other small expenses; the local currency in Norway is the Norwegian krone (NOK).

  • Souvenirs

    Each country has its own unique souvenirs; as for Norway, think about bringing back authentic sweaters, Viking items, or locally-produced cheese.

  • When to travel

    For trips during the high season, we suggest starting planning as early as six months in advance.

  • Climate

    The climate in Norway is hardly predictable. We highly recommend checking the weather forecast in advance.

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