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About USModernist®

USModernist® is an award-winning nonprofit educational archive documenting mid-century Modernist design. As America’s largest open digital archive documenting Modernist houses, the organization hosts the USModernist Radio podcast, a massive architecture and design magazine archive, and a gallery of nearly every house by nearly every major 20th-century architect.

Note: USModernist is limited to advising Firebird on itineraries and provides no travel services. No one from USModernist accompanies tours. Firebird exclusively sells, processes payments, organizes, staffs, and delivers all travel services before, during, and after the tours.

Meet the Curator: George Smart

I’m George Smart, founder of USModernist®. There are literally thousands of European tours, and perhaps a dozen European architecture tours, so to stand out we focus exclusively on Modernist buildings. Want to see Buckingham Palace or the Eiffel Tower? There’s free time for that. Your tour guides will take you to amazing places beyond your wildest Modernist dreams, like the Calatrava-designed Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden.

About the tours

Discover Modernist Architecture

With Trips Curated by USModernist®

If you are a serious Modernist Architecture fan you are in for a treat. We have partnered up with USModernist® to bring out a selection of trips that take you to the most inspiring Modernist buildings in Europe.

You will see Calatrava's Twisting Torso in Malmo, Sweden; Henning Larsen's Copenhagen Opera House; and the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium, among many more amazing buildings.

USModernist-curated trips focus uniquely and exclusively on Modernist architecture, unique both in design and innovative building trends, which you get to familiarize yourself with during guided tours that are led by professionals.

Do you smile gleefully whenever Neutra or Lautner or Schindler or Mies or Gropius comes up in conversation? Then these trips are for you.

Highlights & tips

Modernist Architecture Vacation Packages

Explore modern architecture in Europe! Take a chance to see authentic monuments, including Atomium in Brussels, Henning Larsen's Copenhagen Opera House, and many others. Enjoy architecture discovering in Berlin, Zurich, London, Oslo with private guides. Book a private or small group modernist architecture tour with us. Our modernist architecture vacations are planned by knowledgeable destination experts and contain centrally located hotels and smooth logistics. Can't wait to start planning? Hit a chat button in a corner, and we'll help you choose the best modernist architecture trip for you!

Modernist Architecture Tour Highlights

  • Berlin Top Architecture Sights
  • Berlin Modern Architecture Tour
  • Zurich Modern Architecture Tour
  • London Modern Architecture Walking Tour
  • Brussels Modern Architecture & Tour of the Atomium
  • Hague Modern Architecture Landmarks
  • Modern Architecture Tour in Oslo
  • Architectural Tour: Jewish Museum & Black Diamond

Tips for Modernist Architecture Travel

  • Many of the tours will require a lot of walking, make sure to pack comfortable shoes
  • Scandinavian climate is unpredictable and weather can be quite harsh even during summers. Bringing a water-resistant jacket, umbrella, and some warm clothes is a must
  • Make sure to pack comfortable shoes. A sightseeing tour might require a lot of walking
  • It rains a lot in the UK throughout the year, so it is worth bringing a water-resistant jacket and an umbrella

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