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Top Picks Packages by Firebird

Choose from the selection of our best-selling tours for a guaranteed outstanding experience. Our hand-picked tour guides, exceptional traveling arrangements, remarkable central accommodation options, and carefully selected sights are what make these tours the best-selling favorites of travelers. Crave to set off on such an adventure yourself?

Best-selling tour packages by Firebird

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Top Picks Travel Packages

Delicately designed by the best Firebird travel specialists, our most popular Europe tour packages have already introduced numerous adventurers to new destinations and tuned every trip into a lifetime experience. Each program comes with an extensive pack of included services like direct connections, engaging activities, and high-class accommodation, so you can be sure that even the tiniest details are taken care of and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Look through our top picks tour compilation, check out our blog covering the hottest travel topics, and make your dream come true!



Top Picks Tours Highlights

Don't miss out on any important sights & experiences during your trip

Check out which attractions just can't be missed during your unforgettable adventure and spice up your trip with unique experiences.

Themed Tours Highlights
  • Fjords cruises
  • Floibanen Funicular round trip
  • Visiting Frogner Park in Oslo
  • Guided tour inside Galleria dell'Accademia
  • Outstanding Gaudi tour in Barcelona
  • Visit to the open-air Rialto market in Venice
  • Flamenco show in Seville
  • Eventful boat trips in Saint Petersburg
  • Northern Lights seeking in Tromso
  • Wine-tasting in Tuscany





Expert Tips for Travel

Get ready for your saturated expedition with the help of our expert tips.

Italy Travel
  • What to pack

    Make sure to pack some waterproof jacket, umbrella, and warm clothes to be fully prepared.

  • Language

    To delve in the local culture to the fullest, it's always useful to learn a few phrases in local language.

  • Currency

    Having some local currency on hand is always a good idea while traveling; we recommend checking the currency beforehand.

  • How much to tip

    It's advisable to leave a tip if you are satisfied with the service. Please note, that in some restaurants tips can be included in the bill.

  • Climate

    Weather conditions in some destinations may be very changeable, so make sure to learn more about seasonal peculiarities in advance.

  • Food

    Trying local specialties is definitely one of the best travel experiences. Save some time to taste at least a few traditional dishes.





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