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Let us start by saying, that you won't be given a map, asked to rent a car, and set off on a sightseeing "quest" out on your own. No, it's not your typical tour. Here at Firebird Tours, we believe in traveling better, and with our professionally built private journeys by car, you can travel at your own pace. Your itinerary will combine an expert-planned sightseeing program with guided tours. These flexible itineraries are based on independent driving, freeing you from being tied to a train or plane schedule, as well as offering an opportunity to take the back roads and explore each destination in-depth. Moreover, stays at finest properties in the heart of town (including parking), guided sightseeing tours with local pros, and all the sight entrances are already included in the package. We'll be happy to give you advice on places to visit and tips on how to brighten up your independent leisure time (from what to do and where to shop to where to dine along the way), as well as recommend a trustworthy car rental company, if needed.

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Journey by Car Vacation Packages

Explore your loved destinations in a nutshell on your own! Traveling by car is a popular type, and to have an excellent plan, you need a well-tailored itinerary. Firebird destination experts will ensure you have the best private car journey on your own full of exciting experiences. Your itinerary will combine rich sightseeing tours with a guide and centrally located hotels. These flexible routes will let you explore each destination in-depth and enjoy independent driving. Don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be pleased to advise you about must-see places and more!

Journey by Car Highlights

  • Memorable Granada tour
  • Discovering the magnificent Alhambra Fortress
  • Excursion to the Seville Cathedral & Alcazar
  • A lovely stop to scenic Cordoba
  • Exploration of the 13th-century Cathedral of Toledo
  • Rich sightseeing tour of Madrid
  • Traversing Serbian sites such as Lepinski Vir, Golubac fortress, Resava Cave
  • Visiting the legendary Kustendorf village
  • A remarcable sighteesing tour of Barcelona

Tips for Journey by Car Travel

  • Make sure to pack comfortable walking shoes as you'll spend many hours exploring major Spanish sights on foot
  • Credit cards are not accepted at many places, so make sure to withdraw some cash from the ATM beforehand
  • Be prepared for currency conversion fees when paying with a card issued in USD
  • You will be walking quite a bit during your sightseeing tours, so make sure to bring comfortable shoes
  • In Spain, most of the restaurants are opened for dinner from 8 p.m.
  • Make sure to have sun protection while traveling to Spain

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