Top 7 Stockholm Restaurants


Being the land of innovation, Sweden has a lot to surprise you with in terms of local gastronomy. Always giving way to experiments and following the best world trends, Swedish cuisine is a lot more than the iconic meatballs with lingonberry jam. So is there a better place to try Swedish delights than the capital of the kingdom, inimitable Stockholm? We'd like to give you a hand in navigating around the whole diversity of dining venues and have created a list of the best Stockholm restaurants that can make your experience even more saturated.

1. Sturehof Restaurant, Stockholm

Local Cuisine

Stureplan 2, 114 35 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 440 57 30


Enjoying ф prime location near the Humlegarden, Sturehof is a restaurant that blends history with new trends. Founded in 1897 and offering local dishes, the place also serves as a stage for art exhibitions and performances.

2. Nosh and Chow Restaurant, Stockholm

International Cuisine

Norrlandsgatan 24, 111 43 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 503 389 60


Housed in a 19th-century townhouse, this cocktail bar and brasserie features a unique blend of dishes with a French, American, and Swedish touch, as well as an extensive selection of fine wines.

3. Kagges Restaurant, Stockholm

Central Location

Lilla Nygatan 21, 111 28 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 796 81 02


An atmospheric minimalist-style spot in the very heart of Stockholm's old town, Kagges is a real catch for those wishing to enjoy delicious Nordic cuisine in a lively place coupled with simply excellent service.

4. Brasserie Bobonne Restaurant, Stockholm

French Cuisine

Storgatan 12, 114 51 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 660 03 18


A classy French corner in the most fashionable district of Stockholm, Brasserie Bobonne provides a lovely home-like ambiance and treats its guests with the best examples of exquisite French cuisine.

5. Mathias Dahlgren-Matbaren Restaurant, Stockholm

Seasonal Cuisine

Sodra Blasieholmshamnen 6, 111 48 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 679 35 84
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Located inside the Grand Hotel, Matbaren is a stylish bistro with a modern touch. Cooked on an open kitchen, all specialties primarily refer to the recent trends of international and Swedish cuisine using fresh seasonal ingredients.

6. Gastrologik Restaurant, Stockholm

Refined Serving

Artillerigatan 14, 114 51 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 662 30 60


This modern place boasts an enviable setting near the Royal Dramatic Theater. With great attention to detail, Gastrologik's chef creates inspiring tasty masterpieces of local seasonal ingredients, and it's impossible to see the menu before the visit.

7. Frantzen Restaurant, Stockholm

Blend of Cuisines

Klara Norra kyrkogata 26, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 20 85 80


This 3-star Michelin restaurant is the ideal spot for guests enjoying a merge of different traditions embodied in unique delicacies. Thus, the Frantzen Restaurant offers not only Scandinavian cuisine, but Asian, Japanese, and even fusion specialties.