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With so many remarkable things to discover on our inimitable planet Earth, the ever-growing worldwide passion for travel is more than explainable. Of course, planning a European vacation or a journey to any foreign country, in general, requires a lot of preparation. And if you're among those who wish to set off on memorable and worry-free Europe trips or getaways to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond, we've got you covered! Rest assured, all the travel packages by Firebird Tours are tailored by experts with years of experience in the field. Every program by default includes private airport transfers, only the best-rated top location accommodation options, all topped with outstanding guided sightseeing tours with local pros. We offer fully customizable private tour packages as well as group tours planned for small groups (14 people max!) for the most comfortable and exciting travel experiences. And we'll be more than thrilled to do all the hard planning for you and put together the travel itinerary of your dreams just the way you'd want it to be! Below you may browse some of our most popular Europe travel packages, and, by the way, are you ready to start packing your bags?

Highlights & travel tips

Europe Trip Packages

Touring Europe is, without a shade of doubt, an unforgettable adventure to embark on! Brimming with authentic cultures, unique activities, one-of-a-kind monuments, mouth-watering cuisine, and much more, Europe is the perfect playground for curious globe-trotters from all over the world. However, as exciting as it could be, planning the perfect Europe trip might become a headache because of the abundance of must-sees and must-dos awaiting you. All of the musts of sightseeing in Europe are included in the comprehensive Firebird tours to Europe, consisting of centrally located hotels, private transfers, experienced guides, and all-encompassing itineraries in some of the most spectacular locations of the world. Browse the listed tours, choose the one that best suits your needs, and enjoy a worry-free Europe vacation.

Europe Tour Highlights

  • Romantic Sights of France
  • Wine tasting in Italy
  • Sightseeing in Germany
  • Northern Lights in Scandinavia
  • Hidden Gems of the Baltics
  • Unparalleled Wonders of Iberia

Tips for Europe Travel

  • Pack for all sorts of weather as it varies in different parts of Europe and can often be unpredictable
  • Comfortable footwear and waterproof clothing is advisable since some tours require walking for quite some time or spending time outdoors
  • Make sure to have some Euros (or other local currency depending on the country) on hand for small expenses that might not be covered by a card (such as tipping, visiting markets, etc.)
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