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Spain Tours from Madrid

Visiting the fabulous capital of Spain, lively Madrid, is the best way to start any tour around this amazing country. Located right in the heart of Iberia, Madrid is one of the most fascinating places on Earth and a must-visit destination for anyone interested in European art. Apart from being every traveler's dream in any possible way, the capital of Spain is also the biggest population center in the country, conveniently connected with all the most remarkable cities of the peninsula, including unparalleled Barcelona, scenic Seville, authentic Bilbao, stunning Cordoba, and ancient Santiago de Compostela. To help you plan a perfect getaway, we've gathered the best Spanish tours by Firebird, starting with a couple of days in the glorious capital.

Tours to Spain

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Top Spain Tours from Madrid

Start your journey in Madrid and set off to explore beautiful Spain together with a small group of like-minded travelers or on a private personally-tailored tour. Created by our experienced team of destination specialists, the Best Spain Tours from Madrid all start in the bustling Spanish capital and provides the opportunity to tour charming sights all over the country. Decide upon which cities you would like to see next and embark on the tour of your dreams.

Things To Do & Places To See in Spain

Don't miss out on any important sights & experiences in Spain

Does your Spain trip start from marvelous Madrid? Check out the list of the most popular activities featured in our travel packages.

Highlights of Spain tours
  • Barcelona's Gothic Quarter
  • Setting off on a comprehensive Gaudi Tour
  • Exploring historic Toledo
  • Madrid Old Town Tour
  • Flamenco performance
  • Touring Granada and Segovia
  • Trip to Granada's Alhambra
  • Dinner at a local Spanish family

Spain Travel Tips

Browse the list of useful Spain travel tips by experienced destination specialists and get ready for your upcoming trip.

Spain Travel Tips
  • What to pack

    A water-resistant jacket or some sunscreen might come in handy, depending on the season; comfortable footwear is also advisable.

  • How much to tip

    Tipping is optional in Spain, but if you liked the service, you are welcome to show appreciation by leaving up to $10-15.

  • Currency

    Having local currency for tips and other small expenses is always a good idea; the local currency in the destination is the Euro.

  • When to travel

    If you're planning a trip during a festival in Spain, we suggest starting planning as early as six months in advance.

  • Food

    As for icons of Spanish food scene, make sure to sample Paella Valenciana, Paratas bravas, Gazpacho, Jamon, and Churros.

  • Language

    To feel like a local during your Spanish adventure, save some time to learn a few basic phrases in Spanish. Believe us, locals will appreciate it.

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