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Centuries ago this breathtaking land was a citadel of mighty and dreadful northern warriors, the Vikings. Although it's been ages since that ancient time, there are a lot of cultural remnants left for us to investigate. Our Viking tours to Norway is your chance to get inspired by cultural artifacts of the severe navigators of the past, gaze at beautiful northern cities, and experience true Viking adventure! Here we gathered a collection of the best historical Viking tours composed by travel experts with years of experience under their belt. Enjoy the mix of ancient history, modern accommodations, located in the very heart of the cities, and fascinating sightseeings around the most significant region's highlights with professional English-speaking guides. Set sail! We're going to a raid in Norway!

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Get better acquainted with the history and customs of Vikings while touring some of the most breathtaking sites in Norway. Closely intertwined with the history related to the northern warriors, Norway boasts not only plenty of natural wonders, amazing parks, monuments, and cultural attractions to enjoy but also an abundance of legends and captivating stories to discover. A Viking tour is ensured to provide all of that and so much more!

Things To Do & Places To See in Norway

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Norway is an amazing country, offering a lot of exciting things to see and do. Check out the options on how to spice up your getaway below.

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Norway Travel Tips

To prepare for your upcoming Scandinavian adventure, check out the useful tips on Norway travel below.

Norway Travel Tips
  • What to pack

    The climate in Scandinavia is hardly predictable; therefore, make sure to pack for all sorts of weather. Plus, make sure to pack comfortable shoes, as most sightseeing tours include a lot of walking.

  • When to travel

    If you are thinking of visiting during Christmas time or the Northern Lights season, we advise you to start planning as early as six months in advance.

  • How much to tip

    Of course, tipping is not obligatory, but if you are happy with the provided service, feel free to leave a tip of 10-20% of your bill.

  • Currency

    Having local currency on hand is also advisable for tips and other small expenses; the local currency in Norway is the Norwegian krone

  • Food

     Norwegian cuisine is very delicious, so don't miss your chance to try Lutefisk, Farikal, Pickled Herring, and their famous game dishes.

  • Souvenirs

    Bringing back a souvenir is an amazing idea. Norwegian cheese, woolen sweaters, and Viking drinking bowels are great options!

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