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Top Choices for Theme Tours in Europe

How can we make traveling even more special, you ask? Combine it with your favorite activities and interests and enjoy the most authentic experiences in destinations all over Europe. Tailored to a specific topic, theme tours are the perfect choice for everyone following their passion, whether it's architecture, theater, outdoor activities or the festive season specials. Choose from the list below and embark on an adventure to remember! If the tour of your dreams is not included, make sure to contact our beloved Firebird team to receive an itinerary custom-made for you.

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Themed Vacation Packages

Hardly anything expands one's horizons as much as traveling the world. Visiting far-away countries, meeting new people, exploring cultures that differ from yours can never be anything but thrilling. But if you have been somewhere several times already and covered all must-see sights, it might seem that your favored destination can't surprise you anymore. In this case, why not spice up your usual vacation plan and set off on a themed tour? Apart from including a great variety of off-the-beaten-path sights to explore, themed vacations are perfect for those who want to pursue their passion while enjoying a getaway. For example, nature lovers will love our selections of hiking tours, while enthusiastic Northern Lights seekers won't be able to resist a wide choice of winter tours by Firebird. And don't forget that any themed holiday program that catches your eye can be tailored to perfectly suit your interests!

Themed Tours Highlights

  • Northern Lights seeking during winter holidays
  • Santa Claus village tours for Christmas-themed vacations
  • Plentiful authentic activities related to the chosen theme
  • Exciting tastings and cooking classes during gastronomical tours
  • Specially tailored sightseeing programs for the journey by cars with hand-picked hotels offering comfortable parking
  • Hiking tours include hiking trails of various difficulty, so anyone can find something that suits him



Tips for Themed Travel

  • If you are planning a winter-themed vacation, be extra careful while packing your suitcase and don't forget a scarf, warm gloves, and an umbrella.
  • Regardless of what are you planning to do, a comfortable pair of shoes is a "must" during any themed holiday. If you are going on a hiking vacation, packing an extra pair is highly advised.
  • It's always good to have some cash with you during a themed vacation, as credit/debit cards are not accepted in many places.
  • Northern Lights vacations during Christmas holidays are very popular, so it's better to plan one far in advance

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