Best Brewery Tours to Munich
Brewery Tours to Munich

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Best Brewery Tours to Munich

Many of us have heard of a famous German beer. But what pint is complete without a German sausage? Bratwurst, Leberkäse, Weißwurs, Hefeweizen, Schwarzbier... Want to know what are these things and distinguish them? Munich food and beer tour by Firebird is your real chance to experience the best of what German has to offer! Set off on European adventure to the amazingly beautiful capital of Bavaria, Munich, visit the world's most famous taverns, and taste the delicious German cuisine. All this is possible with one of our Munich beer tours! As always, Firebird corresponds to high standards of travel business featuring the best central hotels, astonishing sightseeings with English-speaking guides, and only fast connections. Choose your delicious brewery tour now!

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